We are pleased to announce that we have decided to restart some more of the pre lockdown sessions and start a new one, with some amendments, as follows …

Tuesday                    Over 65’s, at Beechcroft will restart on the 15/9 but at the slightly earlier time of 14:15.

Wednesday             Over 70’s,  is restarting on the 16/9 BUT BEING MOVED TO SOLIHULL starting at the slightly later time of 10:00.

Wednesday             Over 50’s, 11:30 session is also being MOVED TO SOLIHULL permanently from the 16/9, same time 11:30, so do not go to Beechcroft, go to SOLIHULL if you wish to attend this session on the 16/9.

Thursday                  Over 60’s, **New Session** at Solihull 1:30 – 2:45 starting on the 17/9.


All other sessions remain unchanged so the full program now looks like this, from week beginning 14th September …..


MONDAY                   BEECHCROFT             11.00-12.30               50+ WALKING FOOTBALL

MONDAY                   SOLIHULL                    13.30-14.45               50+ WALKING FOOTBALL

MONDAY                   SOLIHULL                    19.30-20.40               LADIES ONLY WALKING FOOTBALL

MONDAY                   BEECHCROFT            20.30-21.45                40+ WALKING FOOTBALL

TUESDAY                   BEECHCROFT            11.00-12.00                LESS MOBILE WALKING FOOTBALL

TUESDAY                   BEECHCROFT            12.30-14.00                60+ WALKING FOOTBALL

TUESDAY                   BEECHCROFT            14:15 – 15:45             60+ WALKING FOOTBALL (restarts 15/9)

TUESDAY                   SOLIHULL                  19.30-20.40                40+ WALKING FOOTBALL

WEDNESDAY            SOLIHULL                   10:00 – 11:15            70+ WALKING FOOTBALL (restarts 16/9)

WEDNESDAY            SOLIHULL                   11.30-13.00               50+ WALKING FOOTBALL (NOTE VENUE CHANGE on 16/9)

WEDNESDAY            SOLIHULL                   14.00-15.15               60+ WALKING FOOTBALL

THURSDAY               BEECHCROFT             11.00-12.30               65+ WALKING FOOTBALL

THURSDAY              SOLIHULL                   13:30 – 14:45            60+ WALKING FOOTBALL  **NEW SESSION ** (Starts 17/9)

THURSDAY               BEECHCROFT            19.00-20.15               40+ WALKING FOOTBALL

FRIDAY                      SOLIHULL                   9.30-10.45                 50+ WALKING FOOTBALL

FRIDAY                      BEECHCROFT            11.30-13.00               60+ WALKING FOOTBALL

FRIDAY                      BEECHCROFT            13.30-15.00               60+ WALKING FOOOTBALL

FRIDAY                      SOLIHULL                   19.30-20.45              40+ CONTROLLED FOOTBALL (NOW RUNNING FOOTBALL)

FRIDAY                      BEECHCROFT            19.30-20.45               LADIES ONLY WALKING FOOTBALL

SATURDAY               BEECHCROFT            12.30-14.00               40+ WALKING FOOTBALL


All of which has been uploaded on the booking system for you to book onto up to 1 week in advance.

Numbers will remain fixed indefinitely at a maximum of 18 at any session.

Other business  …..

Over 40’s Sessions

Can we just dispel the myth that that the over 40’s groups are full of 40 year olds, players between the ages of 40 – 50 make up a very small proportion of the group, the majority being over 50, so if anyone feels like taking part in an evening session then feel free to give it a go.

Booking on

 We are still getting people just turning up for sessions, sorry to be a pain but for track and trace we need you registered, if you are struggling to get booked on, give Christine a call on 0121 796 1330, thanks.